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2014 U.S. Closed-Loop Issuers Survey (Calendar Year 2013)

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Thank you for agreeing to help Mercator Advisory Group identify the total size of the U.S. closed-loop card market. All responses will be held in the strictest confidence. The data you provide will be used to create aggregate numbers in such a way that reverse engineering any individual's response would be impossible. Those who respond to the survey will be invited to a special Webinar to discuss the results of the survey. This survey seeks to answer questions Mercator has been asked by the industry. It will provide information that the industry can use to measure itself, plan future strategies, and manage risks. The survey has two pages and 16 questions (including identifying questions).

This survey is capturing data for the calendar year 2013. Please be careful not to include load transactions / activations that occurred before or after calendar year 2013.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact:

Ben Jackson
Senior Analyst, Prepaid Advisory Service
Mercator Advisory Group
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The survey begins on the next page and has 7 questions that ask about total loads, about loads by segment, channels, and form factors, and about average card life. Please answer all that apply to you and give us your best estimates if exact numbers are not available.