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Welcome to the Monday Quiz!
We all struggle with pesky, yet sometimes serious work issues. Some challenge us to Switch God OFF at work. Take this simple 5 minute Quiz and find your practical challenges.
Here’s What You’ll Get:  *A FREE Personalized Work Challenge Report  *Comparisons to other workers worldwide
INSTRUCTIONS: Prayerfully read the statements below. Place yourself in each situation and score yourself on the sliding scale.


My character and work values make God look good to co-workers. *This question is required.
I believe that God created work as a gift not as punishment. *This question is required.
I maintain family and faith priorities, even during my hectic work schedule. *This question is required.
I value my relationship and influence for Jesus more than my position or pay. *This question is required.
I talk about Jesus in a clear and natural way when I am at work. *This question is required.
I see my work as an opportunity to serve God and those around me. *This question is required.
I am talking with and hearing God before making most work decisions. *This question is required.
I set and follow clear boundaries on my ambitions so work doesn’t hurt other parts of my life. *This question is required.
Which of these would be most frustrating for you at work? (click one) Please select one of the following images.
I am able to graciously receive criticism, resolve work conflicts, and avoid gossiping about others. *This question is required.
I keep promises and always tell the truth at work - even avoiding false hype, white lies, and spin. *This question is required.
I manage my time in a way that is helpful and reduces unnecessary stress and conflict. *This question is required.
I intentionally connect with other believers at work for support and encouragement. *This question is required.
I am able to assist coworkers with tough questions they have about God, life, and faith. *This question is required.
My natural skills and life passions are a good fit for my present job. *This question is required.
My coworkers and customers respect me as a person. *This question is required.
I treat tough times at work as an opportunity for personal growth and service. *This question is required.
My work behaviors are free of fear and compulsion concerning situations and people. *This question is required.
I manage my time and money in a way that pleases God and respects my family. *This question is required.
I look for appropriate opportunities with coworkers to discuss our faith beliefs at work. *This question is required.
I can usually feel God’s presence when I am working. *This question is required.
I frequently improve my skills at work to reflect God’s character and to serve my employer. *This question is required.
I recognize that my work has importance beyond my present life on earth. *This question is required.
Who do you think has a job that is closest God? (click one) Please select one of the following images.
I follow biblical principles while working even when they are unpopular or against policy. *This question is required.
I keep God “top of mind” at work, especially when I make decisions and interact with people. *This question is required.
I love explaining to people why Jesus is the center of my life and work. *This question is required.
I stand up for and defend my coworkers and clients if needed. *This question is required.
I manage stress by getting away and resting from my work on a regular basis. *This question is required.
I consistently resist lust and avoid sexual challenges at work. *This question is required.
I handle difficult people and situations at work with love, patience and wisdom. *This question is required.
I am good at what I do at work and people trust me. *This question is required.
Pipe Managment *This question is required.
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