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National Dialogue Network 2013 Opinionnaire® Survey on Poverty & Wealth in America


Welcome friends to this 2013 Opinionnaire® Survey on the topic of Poverty and Wealth in America.
Join us! Participate in the National Dialogue Network.
Join us! Participate in the National Dialogue Network.
Welcome to the 2013 Opinionnaire® Survey on "Poverty and Wealth in America"

From the National Dialogue Network (NDN)
Winner of the
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation 

IMPORTANT NOTE -- Please read before beginning this survey.

There is a Conversation Guide that has been prepared to accompany this survey. If you participated in any face-to-face or online small group conversation prior to beginning this survey then your host should have already provided you with a paper version, or online link, of the guide to you for review.

But if you are participating in this national dialogue as an individual without the benefit of a prior group conversaton then you can still absolutely participate but your are urged to first download, read through, and refer to a digital copy of the Conversation Guide. Anyone may download it here:

Please continue reading through the rest of the information on this page and then click NEXT at the bottom of the page to begin the survey and provide your opinions and feedback on the issue of Poverty & Wealth in America. Thank you!

The NDN is a volunteer effort that seeks to coordinate local conversations and perspectives in order to stimulate a larger sense of civic awareness and a responsibility to participate in important national dialogues.  

NDN's goal is to engage thousands, then millions, of people in important national scale issues in as collaborative, sustainable, diverse, and cost effective manner as possible.

This is the third of five public cycles throughout 2013 [BUT NOTE: this survey will remain available through 2016] that will culminate in a better understanding of the opinions and values of all participants at local, regional, and national

(Please note too: this National Dialogue Network is independent of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. While we do collaborate we are unaffiliated.)

  • (March/April) -
    The first cycle determined the general issue that all remaining cycles will focus on: Poverty/Wealth in America (Review how we selected this topic:

  • (May/June/July/August) -
    The second cycle developed core materials on the selected issue for national conversations during cycle three.

  • (September/October) -
    This third and current cycle presents the core materials and a national survey to all who wish to participate. All materials can be used independently or integrated into other 3rd party methods and products. The survey is used to restore a sense of connection to all participants in local community conversations across the country -- and it can be enhanced for communities or organizations with additional content they want considered. Contact NDN at 1-800-369-2342 if you  are interested in this personalized feature.

  • (November) -
    Cycle four will ask the public to help analyze results in as transparent and open manner as practical -- a final report will be created and publically distributed.

  • (December/January) -
    Finally, cycle five provides the time and opportunity for broad public reflection on the 2013 results and the process overall. How can we increase participation rates in 2014?

Statement from the NDN:

Thank you for your time today. We assure you it is meaningful and very much appreciated.

What follows is a special “Opinionnaire® Survey” from the National Dialogue Network. Its design is meant to elicit strong reactions and then to measure how strong those reactions are along a standard scale. What a statement “means” is left up to each of you to interpret. But if you think what you are reading is misleading or poorly written then you are asked to mark “OBJECT.” If you don’t have a clear opinion about what you have read then you are asked to mark “ABSTAIN.” But note that abstain and neutral are different. If you come down squarely in the middle – you can lean either way – then you should mark “NEUTRAL.”

Finally, if you enjoyed the overall process and support the efforts of the NDN to coordinate local conversations into collaborative national dialogue then please consider making a small donation so we can improve our processes for future topics. Instructions for making a donation can be found at

THANK YOU again! 

So if you are ready, please press [Next] below to begin...