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VIZ Animation - Winter 2013 Physical Releases Survey

Welcome to the Winter 2013 VIZ Animation survey!

VIZ Animation Winter 2013 Survey
~ Fun with Physical Releases ~

Our last survey focused on our 24/7 streaming service Neon Alley, but the world of anime has many different facets. This survey focuses on physical anime releases. You know, the stuff that comes to you on shiny discs of the DVD and Blu-ray variety. 

All the responses we have received from anime fans in the past year have made quite an impact and we carefully consider every opinion expressed. You may have even noticed some subtle changes already. 

In the spirit of continued improvement and hearing your thoughts, we present the final Animation survey of 2013. It gets a little technical, but please express your honest opinion about how YOU want your anime. There are no right or wrong answers. 

Are you ready to talk about anime products of the tangible variety? Let's begin!