Terms and conditions

Before attending a resource consent pre-application meeting you need to read and accept the following terms and conditions. After accepting, you will be taken to the pre-application meeting request form.

  • A pre-application meeting is a voluntary meeting the Council organises to help you through the resource consent process.
  • You will be charged for staff time spent in preparing for the meeting, and providing, holding and documenting notes from the meeting. For this you'll receive feedback on your proposal and a record of the matters discussed. Charges will be in accordance with the Council’s fee schedule for resource consents which states that time spent on pre-applications by the planner / advisor / compliance officer are charged at $201.50 per hour / per officer.
  • Pre-application meetings will be conducted on the basis of information available at the time.
  • The provision of further information or changes in project scope may impact the Council's view of your application.
  • Formal decisions cannot be made during or on the basis of the pre-application meeting and any representations made by the Council are not legally binding.
  • Whilst we try to keep this a confidential process, we may have to disclose any information you provide to us if another person requests it under the Local Government and Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. The release of any information would be in accordance with the Local Government and Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.
  • I/We agree that the objection rights process under sections 357B and 358 of the Resource Management Act applies.
  • Subject to my ability under sections 357B and 358 of the Act to object to any costs, I undertake to pay all costs associated with this pre-application meeting. I/We also agree to pay all the costs (including debt collection or legal fees) of recovering any unpaid costs.
Reading and accepting these terms and conditions *This question is required.