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Acquisition Proposal

If you would like to donate or sell an item to the Museum or are interested in leaving American Indian objects to the Museum in your will, please complete this online form. It is intended to collect all of the information that Museum staff will need to consider your offer, including your contact information, what the object is and its background. To consider an offer, we will need clear, high resolution images and you can attach them to the form at the end.

Please be advised that the Museum is primarily interested in materials associated with Native peoples of the Western hemisphere including:
• historic and contemporary items made by Native people
• historic and contemporary documentary photography
• archival material, such as documents, recordings, films, and other media.

At this time, the Museum is not actively building collections of archaeological or excavated materials (arrowheads, spear points).

Please note: The NMAI cannot legally provide an appraisal for your item(s).
Please visit this link for a list of appraisal resources:

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