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Singapore tourism (School Project)

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2. Age:
3. How many times have you visited Singapore?
4. Reason you choose to visit Singapore
5. How long is your trip?
6. Average daily expenditure during your trip
7. What do you like about Singapore?
9. Which of the following place/event are you interested in visiting/participating in Singapore? (Can choose more than one)
10. How would you rate the service of public transportation?
Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied
11. How would you rate the price of Accommodation Charges?
12. How would you rate the price of Food/other commodity prices at tourist spots?
Very CostlyCostlyFairCheapVery Cheap
13. How would you rate the price of Fee charged for tourist spots?
14. How would you rate the price of Tour package for neighbouring countries?
Very CostlyCostlyFairCheapVery Cheap
15. Do you want to visit Singapore again? Please give a reason for your reply.
16. Would you recommend Singapore to your friends or relatives? If no, please give a reason.
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