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Exit Interview Survey

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1. What is your reason for separation? *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
4. What department did you work in? *This question is required.
5. What is your reason for leaving? *This question is required.
Please complete the following statements by selecting the response that most closely applies.
6. The policy and procedures were similar to other employers.
7. Promotional and transfer opportunities were similar to opportunities with other employers
8. Policies and procedures were administered fairly and consistently.
9. We do an effective job of communicating policies and procedures to employees.
Working Conditions.
10. Working conditions and physical facilities were beneficial to work productivity.
11. Supervisors treat employees with respect, dignity, and fairness.
12. The employees in my department were generally cooperative and worked as a team.
13. The County's use of current technology was comparable to other employers.
14. I was provided the necessary office supplies, equipment, and tools to do my job.
15. The benefits package is superior to other companies or organizations.
16. Pay levels at Dallas County are similar to other organizations.
17. We do an effective job of linking merit pay with work performance compared to other employers.
18. My salary in relation to the level of work I was required to perform was similar to other organizations/companies.
19. My merit increase(s) appropriately reflected my overall job performance.
Internal Communications
20. I felt "tuned in" on what was happening throughout the County as a whole.
21. I was informed ahead of time regarding changes that affect my work.
22. The duties and responsibilities of my job were explained to me.
23. My supervisor outlined the performance standards I was expected to meet.
Training and Development
24. New employee orientation gave me some good information about County functions.
25. Initial on-the-job training was beneficial and enabled me to quickly become a productive member of the work.
26. The training I received enabled me to do a better job and increase my pay.
27. I had the opportunity to use my skills/training/knowledge and develop my full potential.
28. I took advantage of the County's available internal training.
29. I took advantage of the County's available external training.
Supervisory Practices
30. Supervisors are genuinely concerned for employees here and demonstrate fair and equal treatment.
31. Management is willing to make changes and improvements.
32. My supervisor provided appropriate recognition for work well done.
33. My ideas, suggestions, and issues were given proper consideration.
34. I was encouraged by my supervisor to offer suggestions and improvements.
35. My performance reviews were given timely and fairly conducted by my supervisor.