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R & vanR Chapter 1 Quiz

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Please answer each of the following questions to help you self-assess your understanding of "Chapter 1: Research in the Real World" (Remler & Van Ryzin, 2010)
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2. Please Match the Term to Its Definition *This question is required.
Space Cell Pursuit of Knowledge to help in some practical problem or needUnprocessed or unaggregated observations – raw data.Pursuit of scientific knowledge that has no immediate practical applicationA process of scientific resoning in which theories lead to hypotheses (predictions) that are compared with data (observation).Answer to "what if?" questions. Contrasts with descriptive research.Limited to certain times, places, or contexts.Ethical research norm that dictates that people who participate in research are not harmed and they should benefit from the researchTheory of knowledge, or ways of knowing.Research to describe how the world is. Contrasts with causal research.
Descriptive research
Applied research
Basic research
Causal research
3. Please Match the Term to Its Definition *This question is required.
Space Cell A process of scientific reasoning in which systematic observation leads to the development of theory and hypotheses.Requires consideration of equity among subjects and fairness in regard to who in society becomes a research participantCollecting new data to provide a description or explanation of the world.Process in which studies or proposals are reviewed by a group of peers who render judgment.Social science research that patterns itself after the traditional scientific method of the natural sciences.The original collection or analysis of data to answer a new research question or to produce new knowledge.The process in which an organization collects information to measure how well it is doing.Research to determine the impact of a program or intervention.The extent to which the results of a study project to a wider group of context of interest. Also called external validity.
Primary data
Primary research
Evaluation research
Peer review
Performance measurement
4. Please Match the Term to Its Definition *This question is required.
Space Cell Data collected by others, such existing surveys, records or transcripts.Researchers who insist that social research start with strong theories and test these with emperical predictions.How two different variables covary or are related.Dictates that people used as the subjects of research provide informed consent and are not corerced into participating in research.When two variables presumed to be causally related in fact are not. Any relationship is caused by due to a common cause.A way of knowing that that is based upon observation, logical explanation, predicition, openess, and skepticism.Techniques and procedures that produce research evidence.An approach that favors empiricism and applying the scientific method to social phenomena.The search for published sources describing the results of research or information provided by others.
Scientific method
Scientific realism
Respect for persons
Spurious correlation
Secondary data
Research methods
Secondary research
5. Which of the following represents a way research has become a part of modern public policy and management? *This question is required.
6. Primary research includes: *This question is required.
7. The following is an example of a causal research question: *This question is required.
8. Someone who commissions research must be able to: *This question is required.
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