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R & vanR Chapter 15 Quiz

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Please answer each of the following questions to help you self-assess your understanding of "Chapter 15: How to Find, Focus and Present Research" (Remler & Van Ryzin, 2010)
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2. Please Match the Term to Its Definition *This question is required.
Space Cell A scholarly article that has not been published and may be still in progress.Publications, published periodically, which contain research and scholarship, usually peer reviewed.Articles in scholarly journals that review books but do not contain original research and are not peer reviewed.Expert on the topic of a research article submitted to a peer-reviewd journal, who carefully evaluates the quality and importance of the research. Also known as a referee.Software that stores all the fields of references, enabling management, easy insertion into articles, and changing of reference format.First published report of primary research in a journal.A type of article in a scholarly journal that discusses many research studies, synthesizing the results and reaching broader conclusions.
Book Reviews
Original Research Article
Reviewer (or Referee)
Review Article
Bibliographic Citation Software *This question is required
Working Paper
3. Match the type of paper with the example *This question is required.
Space Cell Conference proceedingReview articleBook reviewResearch reportWorking paperOriginal research article
A paper critiqued several recent volumes about business improvement districts *This question is required
A student completed a paper for a course and wanted to get feedback before sending it to a journal. He posted it on the university website and handed out copies at a conference
The Association for Bariatric Surgery held its annual meeting and published a book containing the papers that were presented there for its members
4. A section of a report discussed the issue of corruption in Latin America so that readers could better understand the trends and scope of the problem. Which section of the research report is this? *This question is required.
5. Which of the following is an example of a conclusion section of a research report about suicide? *This question is required.
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