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Pre-Vet Merchant Services Application

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3. Your Contact Information *This question is required.Please fill out the name of the owner and address of the company
4. Your position within the company? *This question is required.
7. Name & E-mail Address of Owner of Company *This question is required.
8. What are the citizenships and Country of residence for all the owners of the company? *This question is required.
Space Cell Owner's NameCitizenshipCountry where owner resides
Owner 1
Owner 2
Owner 3
9. Do you plan to fully disclose all information that can help us make this process run as smoothly as possible? *This question is required.
When people don't disclose information about their company, previous processing banks they've applied to, and the agents they've worked with, this makes not only our job harder, but we start to distrust you. This will hinder us getting you a merchant account.
10. Are you working with other agents to get you a merchant account? *This question is required.
11. Please list the names of the companies or agents. *This question is required.
12. Have you tried to get a solution with other processors/banks? *This question is required.
13. Please list the names of the processors/banks. *This question is required.