Shared Media Study: Journal Entry

Diary Entry
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For the purposes of this study, imagine that you are wearing a small camera that can capture photographs at regular intervals (as often as every 5 seconds). You can start and stop taking pictures at any time. You can combine these pictures with manually taken photographs and videos. Below is a sample of how photos taken while going to pick up takeout might look.


By default, these photos and videos will be shared in real-time with any friends you want. We ask that you think about what experiences, if any, you would want to share with your friends, family, or others throughout the day using this technology. Imagine that all of your friends also have the same camera and can choose to share with you. When are you curious about what others are doing? What would you like to see others share?

As you go about your day, we would like you to record two types of entries: Sharing Entries and Viewing Entries. These short diary entries may be kept in any format (e.g., handwritten notes, digital text, audio/video recordings, etc.). We ask that you try to complete diary entries in the moment. The following questions are meant to help you think about what to include.

1. Sharing Entries: times when you want to share your surroundings with others
Identify times when you would want some of your friends or family to be able to see what is being captured by your wearable camera.

  • What time and day was it?
  • What did you want to share, and why?
    • A collection of photos.
    • A continuously updating stream of photos.
    • A single photo.
    • A video.
    • A caption.
  • Who did you want to share with, and what were their relations to you?
  • How long would you want people to be able to see the shared media? The next hour, day, week, or year?
  • Would you want people to text or call you about the shared media?

2. Viewing Entries: times when you are curious about what others are doing
Identify times when you are curious about what others are doing and would like to see what is being captured by their cameras.

  • What time and day was it?
  • What were you doing?
  • Who were you curious about?
  • What made you think of this person or people?
  • Why did you want to know what they were doing?
  • How long would you have wanted to spend looking at the pictures and/or videos shared by the person?
  • Would you try to have a conversation with them about the things you are viewing (text, phone call, video call)? If so, under what circumstances?
3. Or you can upload a file for your diary entry.