Motor Vehicle Registration Change of Address

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Under Colorado law, we can provide address changes on motor vehicle registration for Arapahoe County residents only. If you are a resident of another county, please do not complete this form. Instead, please visit the county where you reside.

Arapahoe County Residents Only: 

Please complete this form if:

  1. You recently moved to Arapahoe County, and your vehicle is currently registered in another Colorado county. OR
  2. Your vehicle is currently registered in Arapahoe County, and you moved within Arapahoe County.

A new registration with your current address will be mailed to you within three (3) business days.

Do not complete this form if:

  1. You have moved out of Arapahoe County to another Colorado county. Instead, please contact the county where you reside.
  2. You have already received your registration renewal postcard at your old address.
    • If you moved within Arapahoe County, you should simply return the renewal postcard and payment with your new address noted. It is too late to change your address and renew online.
    • If you moved outside of Arapahoe County, you will need to contact your new county of residence to learn what fees you owe, emissions requirements, and how to change your address to renew your vehicle with that county.
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