ACSS DNN7 Website Feedback Survey

Website Functionality Feedback
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Thank you for checking out our new ACSS website! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please provide responses to the following questions about the functionality of the website. If a question is not applicable, feel free to skip it.
1. What is your overall impression of the new web site?
5. Did you find what you were looking for?
6. Was there anything broken or not displaying properly when visiting our website?
7. How satisfied are you with finding what you are looking for on this website?
8. How satisfied are you with navigating around the different pages of the website. Is it easy to go from page to page and not get lost?
9. How satisfied are you about the content and quality of the news provided?
10. How satisfied are you about the calendar and event information?
11. How satisfied are you with the web site explaining who ACSS is an what ACSS does?
12. If you have a job-related issue and need ACSS's help, how satisfied are you about finding the job representation you need on this web site?
13. If you used the online form to join and become an ACSS member, how satisfied are you about the joining process and the information presented on the web site to lead you to joining?