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Honor Roll


The Honor Roll was established in 1978 to recognize employees or officials of Association member utilities who have made
significant local contributions to public power.

The utility is recommended for this award on the following basis. These fields are mandatory, but if the information is not
available electronically, you may send the printed materials to the American Public Power Association, attn. Nominations & Award Committee via fax
at 202/467-2910, or via U.S. mail at 2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 1000, Arlington, VA 22202. If you choose to send the information via fax or mail, please note in the relevant field below how the information will be sent so we may expect it.

Any official or employee of an Association member utility with at least 10 years of public power service is eligible.

Nominees should be:
nominated by the governing board or manager of an Association member utility; and
recognized for outstanding contributions to the Association member utility in meeting its objectives

Deadline: There is no deadline for this award, but please allow the Association three weeks to process your award nomination.
Award certificates are mailed after the nominations are processed.

I nominate for consideration for the American Public Power Association Honor Roll:

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