Do you need a permit?

If you're putting a skip bin:

  • on your own property - you don't need a permit, just go ahead
  • on any other site, complete and send us this application form at least 2 working or business days before getting your bin.

Apply for a permit

Where, when and why
1. Where are you going to place the skip bin? *This question is required.
Good news! If you are putting the skip bin on your property, you don't need a permit go right ahead.
Position *This question is required.
If you wish to upload a diagram or photo to help clarify where you intend to have the skip bin placed, you may do so here (Optional)
  • Files types accepted: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, pdf.
  • Max files size: 50MB.
  • Max number of files: 2
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
Total number of days
Sorry, you can only place the skip bin on the road when it’s required – it can only be there for a maximum of 14 days – it can’t be stored there.

Restricted parking fees

If your skip bin is to be placed in restricted parking, there are applicable fees. Restricted parking includes:

  • pay-by-space metered parks
  • resident parking
  • coupon parking
  • loading zone parking
  • P5, P10, P60, P120 parks
The restricted-parking fees are as follows:

Pay-by-space metered parks and CBD time-restricted parking (eg, P60)
  • weekdays: $30.00–$50.00 per day (depending on parking zone)
  • weekends: $30.00 per day
All other restricted parking
  • weekdays and weekends: $18.00 per day

Your total amount payable, along with payment instructions, will be confirmed via email once your application is submitted.

Your details
This question requires a valid email address.
Skip bin hire company details *This question is required.
Neighbour's details *This question is required.If you want to put the skip bin outside your neighbour's property, you need to provide their details and show they consent.
This question requires a valid email address.
Please upload supporting document(s) that show your neighbour's consent.

Terms and conditions

You need to position your skip bin safely:
  • Place it so that it’s not hazardous or a nuisance to any road or footpath user. (Otherwise you’ll need to remove it at your own cost.)
  • Make sure it has white markings and reflective markings so it can be seen at night – depending on the location, you may also need to make sure it is illuminated at night.
  • If you’re placing it on Council property (which includes roads, footpaths, berms and public areas), these are the minimum requirements:
    • white and reflective markers (100mm x 100mm minimum) facing oncoming traffic
    • clearly named with the bin company’s contact details (24-hour contact number)
  • Place it away from manhole covers and access points to underground services or fire hydrants.
  • Place it wholly on the road (not partially on kerb edge or footpath) using blocks if needed for levelling.
  • Leave at least 4m of clear road between it and the outside edge of the car park on the opposite side of the road so that emergency services can get through if they need to.
  • Leave at least 1m between it and driveway access points so that vehicles can easily go in and out.
  • Place it on the road only when it’s required – it can only be there for a maximum of 14 days – it can’t be stored there.
  • For “half skips”, position them so that the opening is facing away from oncoming traffic travelling on the same side of the road.
If you're application's approved, we'll email you a copy of these terms and conditions with your permit.

Submitting this application will be taken as your agreement to these terms and conditions.