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Thanks for your interest in a Research Associate position at Innovations for Poverty Action. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Due to the high volume of applicants, only those selected for interview will be contacted.
1. Contact Information *This question is required.
3. What is the highest level of education you have completed? *This question is required.
4. Do you have a degree in any of the following subjects? *This question is required.
6. Please select your proficiency in each of the following languages. If you report proficiency in a language, you may be tested. *This question is required.
Space Cell NoneUnderstand, but limited speaking abilityFluentNative
Dagbani *This question is required
English *This question is required
Twi *This question is required
7. Do you have experience with Data Management and Data Analysis? *This question is required.
8. How conversant are you with the following Data Management software? *This question is required.
Space Cell ExcellentGoodIntermediateBeginnerNever heard of this
Survey CTO
CS Pro
9. How many years of experience do you have in Project or Programme Management? *This question is required.
10. Do you have experience conducting agronomic trials? *This question is required.
12. Have you conducted surveys in rural areas? *This question is required.
16. Are you willing to live and work in Tamale? *This question is required.
17. Are you legally authorized to work in Ghana? *This question is required.
18. Have you worked for IPA in the past? *This question is required.
20. When are you available to begin work? *This question is required.
23. May we contact you in the future with upcoming opportunities that may be relevant to your qualifications and experience? *This question is required.
24. How did you hear of this job opportunity?
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