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2015 Inner City 100 Application Form

About ICIC

ICIC is the leading authority on U.S. urban economies and the businesses that thrive there. Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, ICIC supports public and private sector decision makers with analysis and programs that lead to urban investment, jobs, and economic growth.

About the Inner City 100

For sixteen years, ICIC has been recognizing the 100 fastest-growing businesses located in America's inner cities. The list is published annually in FORTUNE and the winners are invited to attend the Inner City 100 Symposium where they gain management education from faculty at the Harvard Business School and a chance to network with fast-growing urban businesses from across the U.S. You can view last year's publication in FORTUNE here and last year's Inner City 100 Symposium agenda here

Program Benefits

Past Inner City 100 winners cite access to a national network of fast-growing businesses, the prestige of national recognition in one of the country's preeminent business publications, business education from leading CEOs and HBS faculty, and the chance to market the award externally to both customers and prospective employees as major benefits of the program. Winners have also reported meeting major investors and winning multi-million dollar contracts  as a direct result of appearing on the list, and select companies each year are profiled in-depth by FORTUNE's award-winning editorial team. 

Eligibility for the 2015 Inner City 100

After a company applies, ICIC will assess the following core requirements. 

  • Be an independently operated (not a subsidiary or division of another company), privately owned company that is not a bank or holding company
  • Be headquartered in an economically distressed urban area in the USA
  • Have ten or more full-time employees in 2014
  • Have a five year operating sales history (2010-2014) with sales of at least $100,000 in 2010 and $1 million in 2014

For more information about the Inner City 100 program, click here or email 

The final deadline to apply is Thursday, April 9, 2015. 

**Information provided on this application will be used by ICIC and FORTUNE to determine eligibility for the Inner City 100 program and list. Winning companies are selected at the discretion of ICIC.

Company Contact Information *This question is required.
Contact Information

All of the following fields are required. If the primary contact is the same person as the CEO, marketing contact, or executive assistant, please simply write N/A in the specified fields.  *This question is required.
Employment Numbers *This question is required.
Revenue Directions

Please input end of year (December 31) revenue numbers in the following format: x,xxx,xxx without dollar signs. These numbers will be used to initially rank your company on the 2015 Inner City 100 list; if you are recognized as a finalist, we will request that you submit further materials to verify your submitted information.

The accuracy of self-reported numbers is an important part of our process and, while reported figures on the initial form don't need to be exact, we urge you to report these figures with care.
Annual Gross Revenues
**Please note that 2010 and 2014 revenues are used to calculate 5-year growth rate to determine Finalists on the 2015 Inner City 100.
*This question is required. This question requires a valid currency format.
What benefits do you expect to receive from participating in the Inner City 100 program? Select all that apply: *This question is required.
How did you hear about the Inner City 100 program? Check off all that apply. *This question is required.

List the specific source that first referred you to the 2015 Inner City 100, if any. Please note that referrals in this answer will also be used to help determine the 2015 Nominator of the Year award, which annually recognizes the partner that introduces ICIC to the most winning companies.

*This question is required.
Do you know of any other potentially high-growth inner city firms that you think would want to take part in the Inner City 100? If so, please nominate them using the 2015 Inner City 100 Nominations Form.