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Producer Foundry/ MRA General Film Industry Survey


Thanks for your interest in taking the first Producer Foundry State of the Industry research survey.  Producer Foundry has partnered with Media Research Associates (MRA), Stage32, and Fandor to do a survey of the state of the independent filmmaker.  As far as we know, this is the first survey of its kind.  


We aim to take the pulse of the film industry, and provide valuable data for filmmakers when planning their career.  Much of this data is not publicly available.  By making this data more publicly available, we hope to reveal some of the mysteries that keep the power in the hands of major players, and help create new services and companies that will enable filmmakers to run more effective productions and companies.


By taking 10-12 minutes or less to fill out this survey, you are helping to unravel the mysteries of the film industry.  


Our Sponsors at Fandor have offered a complimentary three month subscription for only about 10 minutes of your time.   That’s a 30 dollar value for only about 10 minutes of your time.  There will be a link on the confirmation page that you can follow to redeem your three month trial subscription.


You will be asked to answer some questions that will include, demographic information, your work history and experience related to the entertainment industry, which may include income derived from media industry work.  This is important information, however you can opt out of those questions.  This information is for research purposes only: It is important you be as truthful as possible in this survey, because the quality of the data we collect will help to create statistics that will enable us to create an accurate report that will help all of us media makers better understand the industry.  


The data we collect will be used prepare reports on the general state of the industry.  We will disclose only aggregate information combining the information from everyone who took the survey in those reports.  


We will disclose NO personal information that might identify any specific person, and all information will be kept strictly confidential.  Further, you will not be contacted about other products or services based on your data, unless you explicitly give us your permission on the last page of the survey.  If you complete the survey, we will send you an email with a summary of the results at some point later this year.