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ATIS RFI - Request for Information Scope

Network operators are planning for the eventual phase-out of copper facilities, PSTN-based services, and traditional power arrangements; migrating to an IP-based network architecture, increasingly reliant upon commercial power. The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) is seeking input from all stakeholders in identifying how to meet critical public safety-related needs during this complex migration to new IP-based media alternatives.

About this RFI:
This PSRA-TF Request for Information (RFI) solicits input from key stakeholders, including associations, service providers, manufacturers, and public safety organizations to:
  1. Develop an overall picture of solutions for public safety related applications in the all IP-transition;
  2. Provide a catalogue summarizing currently-available solutions,  with the goal of providing an array of alternative solutions for specific applications; and
  3. Identify roadblocks and challenges that highlight areas that lack technical solutions.

Submitters are asked to provide architectural descriptions and diagrams of existing and near-term planned solutions, and are invited to submit any marketing information they wish to share. The information submitted via this RFI will be used to develop a report and a catalogue of solutions that will be made publically available to assist the public safety industry during the transition to IP-based technologies.

About ATIS:
ATIS is a standards development and technical planning organization for the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector. ATIS’ membership includes key stakeholders, including wireless and wireline service providers, cable companies, equipment manufacturers, public safety agencies, software developers, consumer electronics companies, , and broadband providers. ATIS has a comprehensive strategic and technical program to ensure that the transition to new All-IP technologies is as seamless as possible and does not disrupt important functions. To this end, ATIS launched a Public Safety Related Applications Task Force (PSRA-TF) to lead this effort.

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