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SYL Passion Exercise 1pgr

Now whittle it down.

Ask yourself, If I had to choose between the first activity and the second (from the responses above), which is more appealing to me? If you get stuck, close your eyes and envision a life in which the first activity plays a major role and the second doesn't exist. Now envision a life in which the second activity plays a major role and the first doesn't exist. Which image feels better? Once you have your answer, compare the winning choice with the third activity. Repeat this exercise all the way down the list, selecting a winning activity after each comparison; when you complete the list, the final winning activity will be your number one passion. Write that activity at the top of the list below. Now repeat this process four more times (always starting from the top of the brainstorm list and skipping over any activities that you've already selected for below), and each time, write the winning activity in the list below. You've just found your top five passions.