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Sample Director (Self and Peer) Contribution Evaluation




The Sample Organsation Board is committed to the ongoing improvement of its corporate governance practices. As part of this commitment, the Board has agreed to evaluate the performance of its individual Directors.

The evaluation process comprises data gathering via this questionnaire. This questionnaire asks you to evaluate if you are meeting the contribution expectations for yourself as well as that of your fellow Directors. The data will be collated into a report, which will be provided to you and the Chair only. This feedback will form the basis of one-on-one discussions between you and the Chair. This report is confidential and will only be seen and used by the Chair and yourself.

Based on Effective Governance’s experience in extensively reviewing governance bodies around Australia, including listed company Boards, as well as our own and others’ research, an analysis of a Director’s competencies should consider four areas, as illustrated in below:


This questionnaire contains three parts:

  • Part A: asks you to evaluate yourself and your peers on their individual governance knowledge and skills contribution. You are not required to comment, however any extra information you would like to provide, would be appreciated.
  • Part B: allows you to assess the individual behaviours in the boardroom for both yourself and your peers. Drop down boxes are provided to link your response to a particular example behaviour.
  • Part C: seeks an overall assessment of the contribution you and your fellow Directors make. You are required to provide a short comment about yourself and your peers. This can include anything from praising their strengths, to providing feedback on their areas or just saying why they are a asset to the Board.
This sample survey only contains 2 questions per section, the full evaluation covers a vast array of subjects.