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Sample Director Skills/Competency Assessment Questionnaire


Board Skills Analysis: The Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to assess the skills and experience of the board at Sample Organisation and will also provide detail to assist the board in assessing fit and proper Prudential Standard compliance. This questionnaire will assess the board across four categories:

1. Behavioural Competencies
2. Governance Competencies
3. Technical Skills and Experience
4. Industry Experience and Knowledge

As a participant in this survey, you will be asked to assess your own level of competency. You will also be asked to consider the future competency requirements of the board. Where space is provided at the end of the questionnaire, please feel free to provide any comments you may have on the board’s skill requirements.

In each of the four sections of the survey, you will be provided with detailed criteria to help you assess proficiency for the category in question. Beneath the criteria on each page, you will find the following:

Self Assessment
Maximum Rating Required on the Board for this Competency
Number of Directors Required with Maximum Rating

In the ‘Self-Assessment’ section of each response table, you should nominate the level of proficiency that best characterises yourself. The criteria and levels will vary between the three sections, but in all cases a 1 to 5 scale is used. At the lower end, a 1 indicates significant weakness in the category and at the higher end a 5 indicates a high level of expertise. It would therefore be very rare that directors would be characterised as either completely lacking in the competency (1) or as having complete proficiency in the competency (5).

Where you are asked to assess ‘Highest Rating Required on the Board for this Competency’, you should identify the highest rating that you feel the board should possess, with at least one director displaying this level of proficiency; it does not necessarily mean that each category should attract the maximum rating, this will depend on the board’s specific requirements. Where you are asked to assess ‘Number of Directors Required with at least the Highest Rating’, you should nominate the number of directors you feel the board needs with the maximum rating you provided in the previous response.

Should you have any queries about the questionnaire or the process please feel free to contact Effective Governance via email or by calling +617-3510-8111.

This sample survey only contains 2 questions per section, the full evaluation covers a vast array of subjects.