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Intent to Commit Form 2015-2016

SLN Mission: To expand educational opportunity for all students by transforming school leadership practices.

The California Charter School Association has partnered with the School Leaders Network to support principals’ active leadership work to transition effectively to the Common Core. Fees for the 2015-2016 school year will be $3,000 per leader.

To accomplish a successful school transition network, we ask that all members agree to the following:
  • I will attend 80% or more of School Leaders Network sessions, understanding that my attendance demonstrates my commitment to build trust and engage in continuous learning.  I will contact my community as soon as possible if I am unable to attend.
  • I will arrive on time to each network meeting, understanding that this act demonstrates respect and trust for my colleagues and the work in which we engage.  Timely arrival is another way for me to measure time management effectiveness. 
  • I will abide by the group norms, understanding they are designed for maximum learning:
    • Observe strict confidentiality
    • Speak and listen with respect
    • Monitor “air-time”
    • Be here 100% (refrain from cell phone use and multi-tasking)
    • Be open and welcoming
    • Believe all is possible
    • Be committed to attaining school goals
    • Be solutions-oriented
    • Have Fun!
  • I will complete the Pre, Mid, and Post Surveys in a timely manner, understanding that this data is important to measure my professional growth as well network effectiveness.
  • I will utilize Common Core aligned formative assessment practices to support my school’s data-driven practices, to help capture and understand our school progress for the purposes of school improvement and charter re-authorization, and to help CCSA study the impact of Network learning on school performance during the transition to the new common core state standards. I understand that the network schools are going to use the NWEA MAP assessments and/or SBAC interim formative assessments if the state releases them in the fall of 2015.  Once accepted into the network, I understand I will sign an additional data use agreement.