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Sample Board Review


The Sample Organisation Board is committed to the ongoing improvement of its corporate governance practices. As part of this commitment, the Board has agreed to evaluate its performance. The evaluation process comprises data gathering via this questionnaire. The evaluation is based on the High Performance Board Model shown below.

You are about to participate in a Board and Chair Evaluation, the information you provide in this questionnaire remains confidential. Your quantitative responses will be presented to the Board in the form of graphical representation, collated together with that of your colleagues. Your qualitative responses will be reported back, verbatim, but will not be identified as your response.

The questionnaire is divided into five sections:
Part A allows you to evaluate the Board-as-a-whole and provides a common framework for us to gather the directors' responses.
Part B gives you the opportunity to evaluate the overall performance of the Board.
Part C asks you to evaluate the Chair of the Board. A summary of these findings will be provided to the Chair and the Board.
Part D requires you to provide an overall performance rating for the Chair.
Part E contains concluding questions, which is useful for assessing Boardroom behaviours and the types of directors on the Board.

During this evaluation there are four different types of scales used:
Very Poor to Very Good This scale is used for the majority of performance questions throughout this questionnaire.
Frequently, if not always to Never This scale is used in reference to the Board behavioural dynamics questions which refer to specific behaviours exhibited inside the Boardroom.
Overall Performance (1 - 10) Used for assessing the overall performance of the Board and Chair as a whole.
Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree Used for concluding questions.

In making this judgment, consider how the Board performs in absolute terms against what you consider to be strong performance. For all questions there is a “Don't Know” option as a last resort (with the exclusion of the overall performance and essay questions).

Please also ensure that you answer each item. If you have any queries regarding this questionnaire, please contact Effective Governance via email or call +617-3510-8111.

This sample survey only contains 3 sections, the full evaluation covers a vast array of subjects.