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Chicago Sim Consortium - Application to Host Annual Meeting

The following application is intended for Chicago Simulation Consortium members who would like their institutions to host the annual meeting.

CSC does not collect membership dues and does not have any finances available to support the annual meeting.  The costs associated with the meeting are incurred by the hosting institution.  The meeting typically rotates among institutions from year to year so that the cost is shared among the participating institutions.  

The annual meeting is typically one day in length scheduled in August.  There is a typical format of sessions; innovation and creativity in cooperation with the CSC leadership is encouraged.

Applications to host the next annual meeting are due by Monday, September 7.  Applications are reviewed and decided upon by the CSC leadership. 
1. Contact Information of Primary Organizer
3. The approximate time to plan the meeting can vary, but estimates from past planners are somewhere between 30-50 hours.  The approximate cost to execute the meeting can vary, but estimates from past planners are somewhere between $4,000-$7,000.  

A variety of resources are needed to plan the annual meeting, including:
  • Time to create and distribute the call for abstracts
  • Time to gather a team of peer reviewers and review submitted abstracts
  • Time to make and communicate accept/reject decisions (the typical approach of CSC has been to be as inclusive as possible)
  • Recruit a plenary speaker
  • Create an agenda for the event day
  • Communicate with the CSC leadership and CSC membership about the conference
  • Time to write CE application, and funding for CE fee if applicable
A variety of resources are needed to host the annual meeting, including:
  • Space for presentation sessions
  • Space for poster presentations
  • Space for meals
  • Food and drinks (continental breakfast, lunch, water throughout)
  • Paper materials (e.g., signage on the day of the event)
  • Technology/AV for presentations and speakers
  • Rosters and course evaluations for CE credit
While the above lists are relatively comprehensive, there may be items or tasks that are required but not listed above.  

In addition, the CSC membership is made up of almost 100 members.  While not all members will attend the annual meeting, it is important to have a space that can accommodate all who wish to attend. 

Do you have support from your institution's leadership to commit the time and resources to planning and executing the annual meeting? 
4. There has been interest in incorporating vendors into the annual meeting, such that for a fee vendors could have a space to display their brochures on a table, and potentially have some brief time during the meeting to let the membership know about their products.  This would mean some extra work for the hosting institution in terms of communicating with vendors, arranging for tables and chairs in a location near the meeting, and incorporating vendors into the program.

Are you open to including vendors in the annual meeting?