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RTD Handicap Exemption Form

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Disabled driver
This exemption from payment of Out-of-District daily parking fees at Regional Transportation District (RTD) parking facilities is available to a transit patron that possesses a current, valid Colorado State handicapped license plate or placard and whose vehicle has license plates registered to an address located outside the boundaries of the RTD service area and would, otherwise, be subject to out-of-District parking fees when parked at an RTD parking facility where parking fees apply.  If this application is approved, it applies only to the current term of the plate or placard and must be renewed by the applicant for subsequent terms. An exempt vehicle is treated as an In-District vehicle, not subject to daily charges, but is subject to parking charges after 24 hours. All fees and violations prior to approval of this application are the responsibility of the applicant. Approval/denial will be sent within 24 hours of submission.  Submit the completed application, with required documents, electronically, or fax them to 303-744-1437, or mail them to Central Parking System, 1801 California St., Ste 2775, Denver, CO 80202.
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1. Copy of vehicle registration:
2. Picture of Disabled Driver placard or license plate with disabled emblem: *This question is required.
Once you have received confirmation from Central Parking System that you have an exemption, your 
license plate will be treated as an in-district plate.  As such, you will be required to follow all rules 
applicable to your status, while this exemption is in force, as they apply based on RTD parking rules 
found at the RTD web site at, or on site at your parking facility.  As an in district parker 
you are allowed to park free for the first 24 hours, after which time you will pay a $2.00 fee for each 
additional day of parking at the facility you have parked at.  Your expiration date will be determined by 
applicable state laws.  By filling out, and submitting this form for approval, you agree that all the 
information provided is correct, and that you will abide by the rules set forth by the RTD authority at the 
facility at which you park.  Only one plate at a time may be used per placard, should you need to change 
plates, call us at 303-292-1505.
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This question requires a valid email address.