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Request for Support Form - Ultrasound


This is an application form to request support for exhibit space, 3rd party conference sponsorship, and educational grants for ULTRASOUND PROGRAMS ONLY, held in the United States. GE Healthcare’s receipt of this form does not imply a commitment to approve the application or provide any requested support. 

It is recommended that you submit your request 90 days in advance of your event to allow sufficient time for review and response to your request. Please submit one form per event.

Please gather all the documentation prior to submitting your request. Those documents may include:
  • Ask Letter
  • Agenda
  • Exhibitor prospectus
  • Budget
  • Agreement or Contracts
  • Completed IRS W9 form
For further details or questions please contact:
Phone Number: +1 (262) 352-8215
Phone Number: +1 (414) 544-2638

Note: Please use the latest version of your browser for this form to render in it's full capacity.