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Asia Catalyst Online Resource Materials Feedback form

Asia Catalyst Online Resource Materials Feedback Form - 亚洲促进会网络资源反馈表

Asia Catalyst would like to know your feedback regarding our online resource materials. Your feedback will be used for making improvements to the materials. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and digital data will be stored in secure computer files. 
This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. 



1. Which Asia Catalyst online resources did you download?
2. How would you rate the resource materials?
Space Cell Excellent - 非常好Good - 好Average - 一般Poor - 差
Know It - 了解
Prove It - 证实
Change It - 改变
Non Profit Survival Guide - 非营利组织生存指南
3. How did you use the Asia Catalyst resource? 
Space Cell Self-study - 自学Internal training for staff of my organization - 给机构内部其他成员进行分享和培训Facilitated external workshop for other CBOs - 为机构外部其他小组提供分享和培训Improving current practices at our organization - 用以改进当下机构的实践
Know It - 了解
Prove It - 证实
Change It - 改变
Non Profit Survival Guide - 非营利组织生存指南
4. Please provide more details regarding the internal/external trainings you conducted using the Asia Catalyst resources.
Space Cell .
Internal Training (enter number of participants) - 内部培训(请输入参与培训的人数)
External Training (enter number of participants) - 外部培训(请输入参与培训的人数)
5. What is the area of work of your organization?


  • * This question is required.
7. Why did you choose to download Asia Catalyst's resource material?
  • * This question is required.
8. Did you have any specific results or outputs from using this resource? 
Space Cell Know It - 了解Prove It - 证实Change It - 改变Non Profit Survival Guide - 非营利组织生存指南
Developed new advocacy strategy - 开发了新的倡导策略
Refined/revised existing advocacy strategy - 改进了现有的倡导计划
Developed new documentation research - 开发了新的以证据为基础的研究
Developed new organizational strategic plan - 拟定了机构的战略规划
Refined/revised organizational strategic plan - 改进了现有的机构战略规划
Refined/revised new fundraising plan - 改进了现有的筹资计划
Refined/revised new volunteer management system - 改进了现有的志愿者管理系统
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