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Low Income Fares

2. On average, how many times per week do you ride Sound Transit?
3. Do you have an ORCA card?
4. What fare payment category are you in?
5. If you pay an adult fare now, would you qualify for a discounted fare which would require a household income at or below 200% of federal poverty level? (Ex: For a household of four, annual income would be at or below $48,500)
6. If fares are increased on ST Express bus and/or Sounder commuter rail, with a discount provided to low-income adults, how would it affect how you use Sound Transit services?
7. Sound Transit currently offers a discounted fare on Link light rail service to low-income adults enrolled in King County Metro's ORCA LIFT program. Should Sound Transit also provide a low-income discount on ST Express bus service?
8. Should Sound Transit provide a low-income discount on Sounder commuter rail service?
9. Should Sound Transit raise general fares to keep pace with the operating costs while providing a discount for low-income adult riders?