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Online Screening for GHADD Study


Gut Hormones in ADDiction (GHADD) Study

Thank you for your interest in our research study.

However as of September 2019 we have finished recruitment into the study.

We are therefore no longer recruiting any more participants.

We are currently analysing the data and aim to submit the results for publication soon.

About the study

We are investigating the effects that certain gut hormones (hormones that are produced in the stomach and intestine) have on the brain.

Previous studies have shown that these gut hormones not only control our appetite and food intake, but may also alter the craving for alcohol and drugs. We are recruiting volunteers for our study using brain scanning to investigate the effects of such gut hormones on eating and addictive behaviours.

We are interested in how these hormones may help people who are overweight, or have recently given up alcohol or cigarettes. This could give us important information about how the hormones affect relapse to alcohol and cigarettes, and have the additional benefits of preventing weight gain.

The GHADD study is funded by the UK Medical Research Council and took place at the Hammersmith Hospital, at Imperial College London. The GHADD study has been ethically approved by the London-Central Research Ethics Committee: 15/LO/1041.

GHADD Study Team

Dr. Tony Goldstone, Consultant Endocrinologist and Principal Investigator
Prof. David Nutt, Prof. of Neuropsychopharmacology, and co-PI
Prof. Anne-Lingford-Hughes, Prof. of Addiction Biology
Dr. Liam Nestor, Research Fellow
Dr. Yong Yong Ling, Clincial Research Fellow and Study Doctor

Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital

Our research is supported by:

Hammersmith Hospital
Hammersmith Hospital