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Post-cardiac Device Implantation Movement and Mobilisation Advice Survey


This survey is being carried out by the Cardiology Research Team at the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridgeshire.

It is intended for all members of the cardiac rhythm team and concerns the advice that UK cardiac centres give to their patients after cardiac device implantation (PPM, CRT or ICD). We are particularly interested in examining any national variation in movement and mobilisation recommendations after implantation, and whether or not that advice varies between different health professionals.

We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the questions below. Furthermore, as we would like to gauge a range of views at individual institutions, please forward the email you received (or distribute the link below) to other members of your cardiac rhythm team.

If you would like to expand on any of your answers or have any comments, suggestions or questions for us, there is an opportunity to do so at the end of the survey.
The outcomes will be shared with participants if desired. Many thanks for your help.

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2. What is your role there? Please choose one.
3. Who has formal responsibility for giving post device implantation mobilisation advice to patients at your institution? Please tick any that apply.

Even if you don't insert cardiac devices or provide formal advice yourself we would still like to hear your views on the following questions.
4. Which of the following best describes your source of advice on the topic? Please tick any that apply.
5. Which of the following best describes how the majority of patients leave the operating table after their procedure at your institution? Please choose one.
6. Immediately after implantation until discharge from hospital, what would you advise is necessary for each of the following? If you recommend any other specific 'acute' restrictions, please fill in the additional boxes provided. 
Space Cell Not necessaryFor <2hFor 2-4hFor 4-6hFor 6-12h>12h or until discharge
Bed rest
Complete restriction of arm movement on the affected side
Limited restriction of arm movement (e.g. no stretching)
Avoid using arms to support pushing body up the bed
Avoid lying or sleeping on the affected side
7. After discharge from hospital until the first PPM/ICD/CRT clinic follow up, what would you advise is necessary for each of the following? If you recommend any other general restrictions (specific activities will be covered in question 9), please fill in the additional boxes provided.
Space Cell Not necessaryFor <1wFor 1wFor 2wFor 4wFor 6wUntil 1st pacing f/u appt
Keep the arm in a sling
Avoid using the arm at all
Avoid raising the arm above your head
Avoid lifting anything at all
Avoid lifting heavy weights
8. If specifically asked by patients, what would you advise them about the length of time they should avoid the following activities after device implantation? If there are other specific activities you are regularly asked about please add them in the additional boxes.
Space Cell No restrictionAvoid For 1wFor 2wFor 4wFor 6wUntil 1st f/u apptFor at least 6mPermanently avoid
Any exercise at all
Any strenuous exercise
Any contact sports
Brushing or styling hair
Carrying shopping bags
Going on holiday
Lifting things from a high shelf
Racquet sports
Rowing machine
Taking a flight
9. Does your institution provide any written advice information for patients post device implantation? If so, we would be very grateful if a copy could be uploaded or sent to us. Please choose any that apply.
10. Please upload written advice information here if available (maximum size 500kb; please email to if larger).
11. Does your insititution perform device implantation as a day case? Please choose one.
Once again, as we would like to hear from as many different members of the heart rhythm team as possible, we would ask you to kindly forward the email you received (or distribute the link below) to any other members of your cardiac rhythm team.

Link to share this survey with others: