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Witnessed an Act of Sexual Violence

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This survey is part of the broader Report the Abuse campaign to prevent sexual violence against humanitarians, and ensure that survivors are provided with appropriate care when it does occur. This campaign aims to eliminate the impunity to the crime of sexual violence, which currently exists within the humanitarian community.

This survey is not just for those who have survived acts of sexual violence. It is for all humanitarians, all aid workers. Witnessing, knowing, and even not knowing about acts of sexual violence within the humanitarian community is just as vital of information as having experienced such acts - as it helps us to develop a picture of where and where not such crimes are occurring. 

One of the anticipated criticisms of this project is that the information would be crowd-sourced without a verification system in place. In order to prevent this from becoming an issue when this data is used at a later date to bring about change within the humanitarian system, we are requesting that individuals who fill out this survey provide us with their email address so that we can, at a later time, verify the data provided within.

Verification does not mean that you will be questioned regarding your answers, or that judgment will be passed on the information provided within. It will be a system of ensuring that the information you provided is accurate, to the best of your knowledge and memory, so that we can say that the information collected is the best possible reflection of what is occurring on the ground.

Your email address will not be shared and survey data is stored on a secure network. If you agree to share your longer answers for advocacy or academic purposes (an option presented to you later in the survey) you will be given the opportunity to approve the quotations used prior to their publication, to ensure that you are comfortable with any changes to ensure you stay anonymous, if that is your wish. It is possible to continue with the survey without sharing your email address. Any data publicized at a later date will note the percentage of data that was crowd-sourced versus verified.

At the outset, we thank you for taking the time to complete this rather lengthy survey. The information you provide will be used to advocate for changes in sexual exploitation and abuse procedures and policies throughout the humanitarian community.

Your stories and information will be used to change the system, as best as we can.