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Help us create Africa Gathering 2016!

Africa Gathering 2016 Survey!

Help us create Africa Gathering 2016!!

Africa Gathering has a high demand to organise events and other activities in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are grateful for all the support you have given to us since its creation, and inviting you to help us brainstorm ideas through twitter chats and Meetups, to make 2016 the best ever year yet.
Your views matters to us. Can you help us plan? These are ways to become active with AfricaGathering:

  • Brainstorm with us. Send us your ideas! 
  • Help us update the website.
  • Volunteer  or Become a Gatherer in your city.
  • Write and create content
  • Organise twitter chats
  • Write press releases
  • Travel with us to Africa
  • Support our brand globally
  • Send us a testimonial
  • Become an ambassador
  • or simply join the movement of Gatherers around the world

Twitter: @africagathering
Hashtag: #2016gathering #2016Gatherers
Become a Gatherer by emailing:

1. What is your Gender? *This question is required.
2. Have you attended Africa Gathering events before? *This question is required.
3.  What format should Africa Gathering take?
  *This question is required.
4. What was unique about Africa Gathering when you attended last time? *This question is required.
5. Do you currently have projects which Africa Gathering can help you with? 
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