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Rush Medical College Learning Environment Reporting Portal

Rush Medical College Learning Environment Reporting Portal

Honor Code Council is charged with upholding policies related to honesty and integrity related to one’s role and duties as an RMC student. Honor Code violations include instances of frank academic dishonesty (e.g., cheating, taking responsibility for another’s work) as well as other forms of misrepresentation or misconduct performed in one’s capacity as a student (e.g., using someone else’s ID, loaning a Student Ventra card). The complete Honor Code and Honor Code Council Policies and Procedures may be found here.

SCORE - Special Committee on Rush Medical College Environment

  • Positive: praise for an individual classmate, faculty member, or RMC staff member
  • Negative incident report against an individual student, faculty member, or RMC staff member related to: public humiliation; threat or act of physical harm (e.g. hit, slapped, kicked); request to perform personal services (e.g. shopping, babysitting); subjection to offensive sexist, racial, ethnic, or religious/faith-based remarks; denied opportunity based on sex/gender, race/ethnicity, religion/faith; subjection to unwanted sexual advances; receipt of a lower evaluation or grade based on sex/gender, race/ethnicity, religion/faith
  • While anonymous submissions are accepted, reporters are encouraged to identify themselves so that more thorough follow up and action planning can occur


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