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Benojo Social Impact Index For Business

Welcome to the Benojo Index for Business

The Benojo Index can show you how your company ranks in delivering community activity with social impact.  It’s a simple, practical measure of how effective a company is at delivering community activity and corporate social impact programs.
The Index measures your current level of social impact maturity and highlights strengths and areas for improvement.  This can be a baseline to be measured year-on-year to show your organisation’s growth in social impact maturity.
Survey notes
'Activity' relates to your volunteering, fundraising, corporate giving activities as they occur in your company.
Please rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how you feel your company behaves:

1 = Never / Not at all
2 = Rarely / Very slightly
3 = Some of the time / Inconsistently / To some degree
4 = Most of the time / To a large degree
5 = All of the time / Consistently / Completely

Collecting information
We ask you to provide us information about you so that we can provide a report based on your responses. Your specific information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other parties. Aggregated anonymous data from the index is used to identify trends and issues in social impact.

Questions or help
If you have feedback on the tool or require assistance, please contact us
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3. Please provide the following details so we can provide you a report based on your responses to the Benojo Index.
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