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IRAQI Christians

Help Stop the Evil, Vicious Slaughter of Iraqi Christians

Now, You Can Stop It. Sign the petition below. 


Dear President Trump,


Our allies in Kurdistan are providing refuge for those fleeing from the Islamic State, aka ISIS, for their religious beliefs. Our country cannot sit and watch as genocide occurs.


It is necessary for you to publicly affirm to the world Christians’ right to freedom of religion and the right to defend themselves from the violent and malicious acts of hatred against them.


It’s time to call it evil.


America has a duty to declare that the world cannot stand idle as genocide is committed.


The world promised to never again watch the occurrence of genocide and now that over 200,000 Christians are close to slaughter it is past time to stand behind that promise.


Please help save the Christians. Arm the Kurds so that they can provide themselves a better defense against persecution from ISIS. Help provide military protection against the evil killing of innocent people.


Allow and protect Christian and humanitarian groups as they aid the refugees with water, food, clothing and shelter… and a new opportunity to worship freely and enjoy freedom.


They are desperately in need of help and our country, with the power to help, has the responsibility to act against such evil attacks.


I stand behind the persecuted Christians. I ask that you help.

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