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The Study of Product Team Performance, 2016

The Study


The Study of Product Team Performance, 2016

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It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the fifth annual Study of Product Team Performance. This groundbreaking research is generously sponsored by: Accelerance, Planbox and Project Connections.

The purpose of this global study is to assess the dynamics of product team performance and determine what factors impede or improve product development outcomes. This year’s survey results will be compiled and the aggregate survey results will be made available to participants through Actuation Consulting and our authors, sponsors and partners. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey contains 24 questions and will take approximately 8 minutes to complete. 

Let's get started!
1. 1 of 24. Do you play an active role creating or enhancing products or services within your organization? *This question is required.
2. 2 of 24. Which of the following titles do you directly report to? *This question is required.
3. 3 of 24. Which of the following best describes your organization’s primary business focus? *This question is required.
4. 4 of 24. What is your company’s annual revenue in U.S. dollars? *This question is required.
5. 5 of 24. Did your company achieve its financial goals and objectives in 2015? (Check one.) *This question is required.
6. 6 of 24. Which of the following titles best describes your primary role? *This question is required.
7. 7 of 24. Which of these statements best describes your view of your core product team’s performance against organizational expectations? *This question is required.
8. 8 of 24. Who defines your product team’s definition of done that you apply against every feature or story? (Check one.)
  *This question is required.
9. 9 of 24. Which of the following activities do first level engineering managers in your organization do beyond day-to-day management of the team? (Choose up to five.)  *This question is required.
10. 10 of 24. Pick the top three things you believe would improve the effectiveness of your product team. (Pick three.) *This question is required.
11. 11 of 24. Which of the following methodologies best describes the way your organization develops products? *This question is required.
12. 12 of 24. Which of the following methodologies do you associate with increasing your product’s profitability? *This question is required.
13. 13 of 24. Which of the following product management professionals does your organization utilize? (Check one.) *This question is required.
14. 14 of 24. If you are located in North America, Japan or Australia and are using distributed teams beyond your country’s borders, how effective are they compared to a local development team, excluding personnel costs and a higher oversight and communication burden?  *This question is required.
15. 15 of 24. What product requirements research method does your organization primarily use to gather meaningful requirements? (Check one.)  *This question is required.
16. 16 of 24. How do you track, review and develop ideas from your employees, customers and suppliers? (Check one.) *This question is required.
17. 17 of 24. What criteria do you use to prioritize requirements? (Check all that apply.) *This question is required.
18. 18 of 24. My team’s product backlog: (Check all that apply.) *This question is required.
19. 19 of 24. What product development requirement format makes it easier to onboard new product team members? (Check one.) *This question is required.
20. 20 of 24. Organizations typically share a tactical product roadmap with customers and customer-facing employees – how far into the future does your tactical product roadmap illustrate future development activities when shared with customers? (Check one.) *This question is required.
21. 21 of 24. User experience is becoming increasingly important to the design and development of successful products - where does user experience report in your organization? (Check one.) *This question is required.
22. 22 of 24. Where do you think user experience should report in order to be the most effective? (Check one.) *This question is required.
23. 23 of 24. How many individuals are in your core user experience design organization? (Check one.) *This question is required.
24. 24 of 24. What is the ratio of UX FTEs to product management FTEs in your organization? (Check one.) *This question is required.