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Honours Project

1. What is your age?
4. How positively would you rate Stella McCartney? (0 being very bad and 10 being very good)
5. Did you know that Stella McCartney is the 1st and only vegetarian luxury brand?
6. Would you be interested in future services and experiences provided by the brand?
7. Are you interested in sustainability?
8. Do you consider your routine to be stressful?
9. How do you tend to relax? 
  • * This question is required.
10. Have you heard about private member's clubs?
11. Are you part of any private member's club? If yes, please specify. 
12. Would you be interested in joining a private member's  that is fitness and healthy-lifestyle oriented? 
14. How exclusive would you like the club to be?
15. How much would you pay for an annual private membership?