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Military and Veterans- Your Input Is Needed

We are Ohio AMVETS, a veterans service organization dedicated to serving military and veterans, their families, and their communities. 

You took an oath to defend your country, and that distinction has set you apart from the everyday civilian forever. At some point you were uprooted from your home, disrupting your life permanently, whether it was when you shipped off to training, got stationed in another state or country, or deployed to a combat area.

You will always have the distinction of a hero. But at some point you experienced a transition back to the civilian lifestyle, are going through it now, or will one day experience it in the future.

You know better than we do what it is you need to maintain your peak physical and mental health. There is a pretty good chance that your past or current experience with the military may have made this a challenge, so we're currently developing a program to help with this transition, providing community, support, and exciting activities like outdoor trips, athletic sports, competitive video gaming, even performing arts - based on your input in this following survey.
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