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Digital Business & Leadership Progress Assessment

Welcome to the Digital Business & Leadership Progress Assessment!

Digitization today is so much more than websites, CRM- and content management systems. The emerging fourth industrial revolution has an impact on everything in business from offerings, digitized by artificial intelligence and sensors, to operational processes making it possible to benefit from advanced digital analysis and big data to redirect supply chains as well as manufacturing processes.

The traditional business models are under scrutiny and there is an opportunity to claim ownership of products from customers and partners and deliver on demand. This development has a huge impact on leadership capabilities both on board as well as on executive operational levels.

This survey is aiming to understand your view on your organization's position and aligned leadership in the complex and ambiguous world highly impacted by digital.

You will get the opportunity to be scored upon 5 sections to assess the digital maturity of your organization as well as of yourself as a leader. The first section is about your organization's business capability, the second about the organizational leadership capability. The three last sections allow you to assess your leadership in the digital age, how you as a leader Sense at Scale, Involve to Innovate and Align Actions.

Once you have completed the survey you will be provided scoring feedback. The survey takes 15 minutes to complete. Please be aware that if you choose not to answer some of the questions, your end result might be misleading. If you are a consultant running your own company, you may want to respond on behalf of another organization you know well.

The survey is based on the ongoing global research and experiences by Digoshen and is also founded on research by organizations such as MIT, Stanford, Altimeter, McKinsey, Forrester, Cap et al.

We want to thank you for contributing to our survey and hope you find value in your personal feedback report at the end. You are welcome to contact us for more information via There have never been more opportunities than today!

Team Digoshen