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Club Budget Request Form 21-22

Club Budget Request Form

Welcome to the 2021-22 Club Budget request form. This format requires more planning than previous versions. Before starting this application, please be ready to answer detailed questions about your clubs events, meetings, executives, funding sources and members for the entire school year. The survey may take up to one hour to complete.

Please note that clubs will be held responsible for their answers to these questions and that the answers to these questions will help determine ASUMW allocations to each club. Also note that there is a finite amount of money that ASUMW has to allocate clubs. This amount is determined, in part, by student fees; in part, by the ASUMW bylaws; and, in part by the ASUMW members. Therefore clubs may receive less or more than they have in previous years.

Please complete this budget request by April 30th @ 5 pm. If the request is not completed on time the club may not receive funding from ASUMW.

If you have any questions while taking this survey, please feel free to contact the ASUMW President at 406-683-7612. Thank you!