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Go College! Now

Please share your experience and feedback from First Generation and
About You
1. I am a
About Go College! Now
3. How did your students react to the screening of First Generation?
1 - Didn't care at all2 - Not Very Engaged3 - Somewhat Engaged4 - Engaged5 - Highly engaged
7. What are some of the reasons why your first generation and/or low income students are not thinking about going to college? ( Select all that apply)
9. How satisfied are you with the free First Generation Companion Curriculum
Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied
12. Has your school shared information about Go College! Now with parents?
13. Is your school considering hosting a screening for parents?
14. Have your students used the resources on the website?
15. What resources have the students found most beneficial in the High School/Parent section? (select all that apply)
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