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PRISM Health (Programs, Research, and Innovation in Sexual Minority Health) is a research group based at Emory University, in the Rollins School of Public Health.

PRISM Health routinely conducts a variety of research studies focused on improving the health of men in our communities. To do this, we routinely recruit people to participate in our research studies. We use what we learn from our research to generate knowledge and to help create and strengthen effective sexual health interventions and programs.

This short survey will help us determine whether or not you are eligible for any of our paid research studies. The survey should take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. Once we review the information you provided, we will let you know if you are eligible to participate in any of the studies we are currently conducting. Study staff will contact you directly to tell you more about the study, answer any questions you have, and see if you would like to participate.
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