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CIP Council Nomination Form

The CIP Council is responsible for the CIP credential and is seeking candidates for two three-year Council memberships. Eligible candidates must be CIPs in good standing. Two positions are currently available.

Council membership requires a commitment to fully participate in Council activities. Members are expected to attend a three-day annual meeting each fall that is focused on examination preparation. Most other activities are conducted via conference calls and email: developing new exam questions, reviewing candidate eligibility and continuing education credits submitted for re-certification, and serving on Council subcommittees as needed. Some members participate in an item review session (an initial review of prospective test questions). CIP Council members are volunteers and are not paid; however, allowable expenses are reimbursed.

The Council aims to include individuals representing diverse institutions, organizations, areas of expertise, subject population, and geographic areas. A list of current members is available here.

Nominations for Council membership will be accepted through February 1 via this online nomination form. Candidates submit their own nomination, the contact information for two references, and their qualifications for CIP Council membership, particularly their relevant IRB experience.