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Emotional Age Quiz

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Try this insightful diagnostic quiz, by the author of The Emotional Edge. For each question, click the circle next to the answer that best represents your typical reaction or choice.
1. If I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, I will:
2. My 16-year-old daughter comes home pregnant. I am:
3. I've found a new passion I want to turn into my own business. When I tell my family, they laugh and remind me of some of my past ideas. I feel:
4. My neighbor comes over while I'm fixing something on my brand new, very expensive car. I don't ask for his help. He offers. But in the midst of fixing it, he slips and drops a wrench, which dents the side of my car and chips the paint. I:
5. For months, my boss has been pressuring me more and more to work harder, to stay longer at the office and to cater to his personal needs (getting his lunch, bringing him coffee, buying gifts for his wife, etc.) by giving me his personal credit card. I feel:
6. If my lover/partner makes a negative comment about my body, I:
7. I run into an old high-school friend and find out she's become wildly successful and looks like a million bucks. I feel:
8. If I feel anxiety about my finances, I will:
9. I met my (now) spouse when I was quite young. Neither of us brought much into the marriage financially, but over the years he/she has worked very hard to give us a good life, while I've been home raising the children. Recently, I noticed many of our assets are in his/her name only. I:
10. If a conversation with someone leaves me feeling upset or confused, I will:
11. My older kids rarely keep their rooms clean. I:
12. When I spend time with my in-laws, I usually leave feeling:
13. I've been married for more than six years, and things have become very boring and routine. It's been years since we've had any kind of passion. I:
14. A friend calls to borrow money. She's desperate. She's borrowed from me in the past and never paid me back. I:
15. If I'm facing a huge loss, I will:
16. I wake up feeling under the weather. Something isn't quite right. I:
17. I'm out on a first date with someone I'm extremely attracted to. The entire evening has gone as close to perfectly as possible. At the end of the date, he/she wants to "get a room." I:
18. When describing my sex drive/sex life, I feel:
19. If someone were to describe my appearance, I think they'd see me as:
20. When it comes to heterosexual, same-sex friendships, I: