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Generation Rent 2016

Welcome to the Generation Rent 2016 survey.

We are eager to know about your experiences and views of the housing market. All responses are confidential.
1. What is your current tenure?
3. What is the postcode of...
4. How long have you lived in...
5. Why did you move to...
Space Cell Fancied a changeChange in relationshipChange of housemates/to move in with friendsChange of job/closer to workTo keep costs downHad to leave my previous homeOther
Your current home
Your previous home
The home before that
6. Do you live with (select all that apply) — 
7. Did you use a letting agent to find your current home?
8. Do you pay the amount of rent it was originally advertised at?
10. When you moved last, did you get your deposit back?
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