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Digital information is difficult to preserve over longer periods of time. Carriers like hard disks have a short life span, and even if one manages to keep the bits and bytes, the risk that current hard- and software is unable to process the old data is very real. Archives, museums and libraries are acutely aware of these problems, yet they cannot find solutions on their own. The UNESCO PERSIST Project stimulates the debate between these institutions, government and the ICT-industry in order to promote digital sustainability. More information about PERSIST can be found at the section on digital sustainability of the website of the Dutch Unesco Commission:

This survey on national or federal policies and strategies on the preservation of digital heritage is very short! There are 18 questions including multiple choices and open questions. It should take you only 10-15 minutes. 

With your generous help, PERSIST will try to:
•    give a global overview of current policies and/or strategies in Unesco Member states
•    assess the involvement and role of governments or national policy makers on long term digital preservation
•    give insight in the implementation of those policies and strategies (domain specific vs. cross domain, responsibilities, follow-ups, etc.)
•    give a short description of some selected examples

The survey results will be reported in aggregate form in a final report to UNESCO and will help identify governmental needs for and trends in national preservation policies. The names of individual organizations, the individuals responding on behalf of their organizations will not be shared in the survey results or other reports.

We deeply appreciate your input. 
If someone else in your organization should receive this questionnaire, please copy or forward it.

The survey will close on 15/10/2016.

Thank you for your participation! If you prefer to reply by e-mail, please write to