InBIA 2017 Pitch Competition

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InBIA 2017 Pitch Competition

Practice Your Pitch!

Does your incubator have an innovative program or strategy that you would like to share? Can you “sell” it to an audience of your peers in five minutes? If so…. You won’t want to miss this fast-paced, fun event! 

This high-energy pitch competition will provide InBIA members with an unique opportunity to share innovative programs in the same way entrepreneurs do - through a five-minute pitch. Urban or rural, specialized or mixed use, wherever you’re located, we’re looking for the best ideas for building high impact business incubation programs!

Pitch rules are simple: Ignite style presentation consists of exactly 20 slides in five minutes. Slides will automatically advance, so you need to be ready to roll! Your pitch should describe the program or strategy, along with relevant metrics or success stories. Pitches will be judged by the audience in real time. 

Who is Pitching? Anyone attending the conference. Submissions must be completed by Friday, March 10th. The top 15 will present their five minute pitches on Wednesday, March 29th. 

The winner will receive: 

  • $300 to apply to the innovative program or idea presented
  • Recognition in the InBIA newsletter
  • Social media shout out
  • One buoy, courtesy of Turnstone. “Designed for today’s movers and shakers, Buoy is a seat that’s as active as you are.” 

Submissions Due: Friday, March 17, 2017

We will notify all entrants of their pitch status by Monday, March 20, 2017.
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