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Leadership Exemplar - Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries

Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries: Every Student Succeeds - School Leader Exemplar


The teacher librarian is viewed as a leader by administrators, staff, and community. The TL works in partnership with the principal and administrative staff to help all learners in the school community (staff, students, administrators, parents) grow and thrive. As a result, the administration supports the vision/direction of the TL by providing adequate funding for materials to meet the diverse needs of a wide variety of learners. If the library position is staffed by a highly effective teacher, the administration recognizes the need for support staff to manage the library day-to-day operations.

Submit evidence for both for components of Standard 3 (see below for the two components):

Component A: Leadership:
Administrators, staff, and community view the TL as an influential teacher-leader who is in an essential role in helping staff and student learners thrive in the K-12 world and beyond. 

Component 3B: Administrative Partnership
The TL and administrator view one another as collaborative partners and leaders who want to help staff and students thrive. The administration recognizes the impact a teacher-librarian and thriving library has on the community. They provide adequate funding for materials. The administration provides adequate clerical support for when the teacher-librarian is teaching, collaborating, co-teaching and/or providing professional learning opportunities for staff.

1. Please complete the following questions. *This question is required.
2. Please visit the Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries Guiding Document to help you provide effective evidence of library climate/environment.  

We encourage you to have a collegial discussion with your administrator about the 2 components included in this application. The below questions and evidence look-fors may be helpful in this discussion.

  • How is the Teacher Librarian a leader within the school/district and/or beyond the district?
  • What school improvement/student achievement-focused committees is the Teacher Librarian involved in and how is she/he involved?
  • What professional development opportunities does the Teacher Librarian provide? 
We will award the exemplar based on the criteria below.
  • The teacher-librarian provides interactive staff development opportunities (Interactive = Learners are learning with and from one another during learning opportunities. The teacher-librarian or support staff is a facilitator of learning rather than the 'sage on the stage.')
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian is an active member on the school leadership team.
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian is a primary facilitator on at least one of several committees.
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian advocates beliefs in a proactive, solution-oriented, and collaborative manner.
  • Evidence formatted in a narrative or detailed summary 
In order to be eligible for the leadership exemplar, the Teacher Librarian must provide at least two quality artifacts from the following list:  

(A) Staff and/or community evaluation or survey of Teacher Librarian led professional development.

(B) Collaboration document (such as google doc with comments) that shows how the Teacher Librarian and staff or community developed a leadership opportunity.

(C) Narrative with reflection of professional development and/or leadership committees with a description/evidence of the Teacher Librarian's contributions and impact.

(D) Video clip of professional development.

(E) Social media of the Teacher Librarian's teaching or leadership contributions.  

(F) Other artifact(s) that provide evidence of leadership.

The applicant will provide sufficient evidence of how he/she is exemplary in this standard. 

*Be sure the teacher librarian's name is on the documents.
​**Please note: All documents should be edited to remove students' personal identifying information (PII).
***If you achieve the credential, your evidence may be used as an example with future applicants.  If using photos and/or videos with student participants be sure to follow your district's permissions and policies.

Allowable document formats are png,gif,jpg,jpeg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt,mov,mp3,mp4.  There is limited file sizes.  If your video or file does not download, please contact Tammy Langeberg at to use a different format. *This question is required.

To help us understand why you are recommending your teacher-librarian or library staff, we want to give you the opportunity to share why she/he is worthy of this credential.  Use a narrative format to share detailed information with examples of their effectiveness. Upload the document(s) here. Tammy Langeberg may contact you or your teacher librarian/library staff to collect more evidence or with questions about the information you provided.

Allowable document formats are png,gif,jpg,jpeg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt,mov,mp3,mp4 and no larger than 500K per document.  If you are unable to download your documents, contact Tammy Langeberg at to try a different way to share. *This question is required.
4. Supervisor/Administrator
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5. Teacher Librarian/Library Staff
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