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Leadership Exemplar - Highly Effective School Library Program

Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries: Every Student Succeeds - School Leader Exemplar

You can save and return to this application later.  First complete page one and click next at the bottom of the page.  On page two you will see a black bar on the top with the words "save and continue later" in the upper right corner.  Click there and complete the email information to get a link to return later.

The format of this application is provided to encourage the teacher librarian and principal (supervisor) to complete together.  It can be completed as a team, by the principal, or by the teacher librarian with input from the principal.

Leadership Exemplar - Program Standard 3, Component A: School Leader


Download the Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries Program Guide -

Prior to meeting with your Teacher Librarian, ask him/her to collect evidence and artifacts that supports the Leadership Standard for Program Standard 3, Component A on "School Leader."

Meet with your Teacher Librarian and have a discussion about the leadership standard.  Consider the artifacts, evidence, and guiding questions as outlined below. 

  • How is the Teacher Librarian a leader within the school/district and/or beyond the district?
  • What school improvement/student achievement-focused committees is the Teacher Librarian involved in and how is she/he involved?
  • What professional development opportunities does the Teacher Librarian provide? 


We will award the exemplar based on the criteria below.
  • The teacher-librarian provides interactive staff development opportunities (Interactive = Learners are learning with and from one another during learning opportunities. The teacher-librarian or support staff is a facilitator of learning rather than the 'sage on the stage.')
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian is an active member on the school leadership team.
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian is a primary facilitator on at least one of several committees.
  • There is evidence that the teacher-librarian advocates beliefs in a proactive, solution-oriented, and collaborative manner.
  • Evidence formatted in a narrative or detailed summary 

Do you both agree that the library is at a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEVEL? If so, complete this evaluation form.

Upon the recommendation you set forth by completing this form, the Colorado Department of Education, State Library will review your responses and issue the credential to your teacher librarian.

1. Please complete the following questions. *This question is required.
2. In order to be eligible for the leadership exemplar, the Teacher Librarian must provide you with at least two quality artifacts from the following list:  

(A) Staff and/or community evaluation or survey of Teacher Librarian led professional development.

(B) Collaboration document (such as google doc with comments) that shows how the Teacher Librarian and staff or community developed a leadership opportunity.

(C) Narrative with reflection of professional development and/or leadership committees with a description/evidence of the Teacher Librarian's contributions and impact.

(D) Video clip of professional development.

(E) Social media of the Teacher Librarian's teaching or leadership contributions.  

(F) Other artifact(s) that provide evidence of leadership.

Does your Teacher Librarian fulfill this requirement? By selecting "Yes", you are verifying that your Teacher Librarian provides leadership at a highly effective rating. *This question is required.